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Business Process Management

Unveils platform Version 7 Posted December 09, 2013

To acquire mobile device management provider Fiberlink Communications Posted November 26, 2013

Build and manage native, enterprise BPM applications Posted November 19, 2013

Broader data acquisition, enhanced exploration and distribution capabilities Posted November 18, 2013

Also unveils public leaderboard for community engagement, expertise location Posted November 18, 2013

Introduces new version of suite featuring ‘SAIL' Posted October 30, 2013

Partner for KM and information management solutions Posted October 29, 2013

The winners of the KM Promise and the KM Reality awards will be formally announced on Thursday, Nov. 7, at the 2013 KMWorld Conference at the Renaissance Downtown Hotel in Washington, D.C. Posted October 29, 2013

First solution built of TotalAgility 7.0 Posted October 24, 2013

Launches TotalAgility 7.0 development and deployment platform Posted October 09, 2013

The common thread running through all the products listed here is the unique value—and potential value—they offer the organization, its workers and their various constituencies. Posted September 01, 2013

Integrify releases Version 6 Posted August 29, 2013

Cloud and on-premise versions available Posted August 27, 2013

Cloud-based platform brings increased capabilities, flexibility Posted August 20, 2013

Building smart process applications on top of Interneer Intellect BPM, Posted August 19, 2013

Automating processes within human resources and IT Posted August 12, 2013

Full control to customize business processes within the system, Posted August 07, 2013

New, flexible platform Posted August 05, 2013

Boosts data integration capabilities Posted July 31, 2013

The total value of the worldwide wind energy market will grow from $74.2 billion in 2012 to $109.8 billion in 2017. The resulting installations will almost double the amount of the world's electricity that is generated by wind... Posted July 05, 2013

Introduces Workdesk for document-centric solutions Posted June 24, 2013

Introduces Bonita BPM 6 Platform Posted June 10, 2013

Actionable information, process optimization Posted June 05, 2013

Act on enterprise data through a single social interface Posted May 09, 2013

Analyzing business processes and consolidating IT projects to achieve savings in software licensing and technology maintenance costs Posted May 06, 2013

Nuxeo Mobile for iOS or Android Posted April 11, 2013

Tools and AppTemplates for business analysts Posted April 02, 2013

Creates wide range of automated business tools Posted April 01, 2013

V. 4.3 adds checklists and conversation threads Posted March 26, 2013

Enterprise information management Posted March 19, 2013

New customer engagement hub from Pegasystems Posted February 28, 2013

Managers have greater visibility into what the team is working on, and operators have a more consolidated resource for task assignments Posted February 11, 2013

New intuitive Web user interface in Nimbus Control 9 Posted February 06, 2013

Features forms, BPM, Office integration Posted January 25, 2013

Announces Kofax Mailroom Automation Posted January 24, 2013

Atidan introduces SharePoint 2013 application framework Posted January 21, 2013

Bringing process automation to Salesforce Posted January 21, 2013

Migration, storage and replication solutions Posted January 16, 2013

Improves process accuracy, visibility and efficiency for workforce Posted January 14, 2013

Attivio and QlikTech partner Posted January 14, 2013

Kofax goes iOS, Android with MarkView Posted January 09, 2013

Tools for better decision-making Posted January 08, 2013

Designed for AEC companies Posted January 07, 2013

There was a time when the height of knowledge worker empowerment was the telephone and manila folders. Then came technologies like business process management, enterprise content management and customer relationship management to automate the more repetitive and structured tasks. Flash forward to current times and take notice that a knowledge worker revolution is emerging to deal with modern complexities such as the rapid change in customer and management expectations as well as government regulations combined with current business-to-business consumerization and bring your own device trends. Legacy apps can't keep up and the introduction of dynamic case management (DCM) is filling the gap. Success in the modern business environment is driven by proper and timely decision-making. . . . Posted January 06, 2013

Customer-centricity—the practice of aligning business processes and services around the needs of the customer—is driving organizations to understand, manage and improve the customer experience from end to end. Often, systemic and functional silos exist between customer interaction points and the processing parts of the organization, especially when part or all of the customer support and processing functions are outsourced (onshore or offshore). These silos can make it very difficult to align an organization to support a customer-centric strategy. In particular, organizations that leverage captive shared-service organizations or third-party outsourcing partners are challenged to understand how service is delivered and to leverage these partners to take on more case management and knowledge work. . . . Posted January 06, 2013

The concept of "social business" is gaining attention because it promises to create a more open, fluid and responsive business environment. The problem is that the much-hyped "enterprise social platforms" such as Yammer, Jive and Salesforce Chatter are incapable of delivering on this vision because they are wholly disconnected from a work context. Enterprise social tools may increase communication, but communication about what? They create yet another siloed platform, cut off from broad enterprise processes, systems and data. This deficiency is particularly apparent in adaptive case management (ACM) work patterns. ACM requires a combination of structured process and unstructured collaboration, but the two must both be firmly grounded in the events, data and enterprise systems relevant to a given case. . . . Posted January 06, 2013

I make a salmon dish my family likes. It's very simple, but it has certain elements that make it seem fancier than it is. We had guests over once, and served it. Like any polite dinner guest, our friends asked for the recipe. I found myself saying, "It's not so much a recipe as a process." I couldn't believe my own words. I guess I was already pondering this White Paper and how I could possibly contribute to it. But it made me think. Bear with me for a minute while I torture a metaphor to within an inch of its life: Making this dish doesn't involve any rules or measurements. It is pretty much the same every time, though, because it has so few moving parts. You do this: Slice a few potatoes very thinly. Overlap them so they're sort of like fish scales—we call them "fans"—on a cast-iron griddle in segments that approximate the size of your salmon fillets. Begin to fry them. Slice shallots and place on top of the potatoes. . . . Posted January 06, 2013

LiquidPlanner releases Version 4 Posted December 12, 2012

Reduce your exposure to failure and increase your chance of success Posted December 12, 2012

Practical care and support to members of the armed forces, veterans and their families Posted November 19, 2012

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