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Business Intelligence

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Attensity partners with Clarabridge Posted March 01, 2006

Traditional competitive intelligence (CI) solutions are typically one-sided. CI firms deliver either technology tools to facilitate the intelligence process, independent research deliverables that supplement internal analysis or general consulting to guide the process. Once the solution or report is delivered, you are on your own to piece together these cookie-cutter components into an effective, integrated CI function. This patchwork approach does not work well in a global economy that continues to become increasingly unpredictable and at a time when resources are limited at best. . . . Posted March 01, 2006

A recent study by IDC revealed information workers typically spend 17.8 hours per week-estimated at $26,700 per worker annually- simply searching and gathering information. A typical large company may spend $5.7 million annually cutting and pasting information from one source to another. With the shift toward an information economy, globalization and the intensity of competition, automating data collection to support your business intelligence initiatives has never been more important than is today. . . . Posted March 01, 2006

Long after most professionals leave the events and activities of the day behind, a new breed of knowledge workers begins the workday. These silent, unknown professionals interpret and collapse the entirety of the day's events into a clear, manageable flow of information that reaches the highest levels of decision-making around the world. Their task is to produce intelligence-a unique combination of hardware, software, communications, information and human "wetware"-and process facts and factoids, rumors and judgments, opinions and evidence through the complex calculus of human reasoning. . . . Posted March 01, 2006

I've always had a nagging underappreciation for the whole business intelligence thing. I'm just not that into BI. In the first place, BI is always trailing the trend, not spotting it. BI reports are really, really good at telling you what already happened. They're kinda crappy at telling what will happen next. On top of that, they're also undemocratic. Your run-of-the-mill BI tool is like rocket science to most users, so most users don't get to play with it. So, as a result, well-meaning business managers have to go to the one guy's cubicle who knows how to work the analytical tool, and ask "May I have a report, please?" It's like that scene in Oliver. It's sort of pathetic. Worse, then, BI reports are b-o-r-i-n-g ... all squiggly-line graphs that look like yesterday's Dilbert cartoon. . . . Posted March 01, 2006

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