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Records Management, E-Discovery, Compliance

BI built on search Posted March 28, 2007

Announces xINET availability Posted March 07, 2007

HiSoftware releases Compliance Sheriff Posted March 05, 2007

Posted March 01, 2007

Posted March 01, 2007

About a year ago, Dr. Michael Koenig wrote in these pages that unlike many business “fads,” knowledge management didn’t fall into the typical 10-year pattern of boom and bust, with four or five years of explosive growth, followed by a slightly longer period of almost equally dramatic decline. His conclusion: KM is here to stay. Posted March 01, 2007

Posted March 01, 2007

QUMAS Express eases document review Posted February 26, 2007

SmartDiscovery for 10g Posted February 12, 2007

Posted February 12, 2007

Posted February 07, 2007

AssureNET Express from Trintech Posted February 05, 2007

Posted February 01, 2007

Information Builders introduces new tool Posted January 31, 2007

Global 360 introduces G360 Case Manager 10.0 Posted January 24, 2007

Complete Documentum collaboration Posted January 22, 2007

Cardiff integrates Autonomy technology Posted January 10, 2007

Full life cycle document solutions Posted January 10, 2007

New data presentation features Posted January 03, 2007

About 11 years ago, a group of us were starting to ask ourselves whether all this "information management stuff" might have a greater purpose than merely to store information in a file server somewhere. That maybe—just maybe—information could be applied to the type of work and to the level of decision-making taking place in business at such a famously accelerated pace. And in providing that information to the right person at the right time, the promise of a truly knowledge-based economy could be realized. In the 10 years since ImagingWorld became KMWorld magazine, we've tried to address the discipline (practice? theory? religion?) of knowledge management from each of its well-known constituent components—people, process, technology. Posted January 01, 2007

DocuLogix from Litigation Support Posted December 13, 2006

Adobe releases Reader 8 Posted December 11, 2006

Qumas tackles life sciences Posted December 05, 2006

Managing customer information Posted December 05, 2006

IBM teams with Apache and OASIS Posted November 15, 2006

Content life cycle management Posted November 15, 2006

Addition to Ascent platform Posted November 15, 2006

Posted November 13, 2006

Posted November 08, 2006

A cool $440 million in cash Posted November 06, 2006

In the five years we have offered the KM Promise and Reality Awards, we have received more than 1,000 submissions. Some of them described exquisite triumphs of technology and implementation; some of them sheer folly... Posted October 27, 2006

BPO for Web 2.0 Posted October 27, 2006

Many pieces of 8 Posted October 27, 2006

Iron Mountain tackles e-records Posted October 25, 2006

Protegrity offers new suite Posted October 23, 2006

Acquires CaseData Posted October 17, 2006

Form SharePoint 2007 partnership Posted October 04, 2006

Inxight offers free download Posted October 04, 2006

Alfresco adds WCM Posted October 02, 2006

Posted October 02, 2006

We're four years into Sarbanes-Oxley, even longer into our new understanding of records compliance management... Posted October 01, 2006

Regulatory compliance is an absolute necessity in today’s business environment. With growing numbers of regulations...—it has never been more important... Posted October 01, 2006

After several years of soaring revenues, lots of available capital and the “ bubble,” many companies loosened their corporate controls. Posted October 01, 2006

Everyone’s talking about it. It’s a top issue at industry events. It’s permeating the entire organization—from the CFO, to legal counsel... Posted October 01, 2006

Despite early visionary cries of a pending “paperless office,” in reality, we’re still a long ways away. The truth is: much business knowledge Posted October 01, 2006

Two major incidents coincided in the last several years that fundamentally changed the value we put into the word "protect." The first was 9/11... Posted October 01, 2006

In the age of increasing litigation and compliance regulations, being a packrat finally pays off. Hoarding files may protect corporate officers... Posted October 01, 2006

Forty years ago, General Electric produced the first self-cleaning conventional oven, an innovation that, over the course of its creation, incurred 100 new patents. Posted October 01, 2006

“There is a significant changeover occurring in the architecture of records management solutions away from a separate records repository... Posted October 01, 2006

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