Moving beyond credentials

Expertise now extends beyond the individual experts. It occurs within networks of conversation. Networked expertise enables us to extend knowledge far beyond the brains and books of individuals.... Posted March 01, 2014

Unexpected expertise

We're now seeing social media in which thousands may participate, and millions may audit with the option of jumping in. Posted December 31, 2013

Bad comments are your fault

Let me put this more bluntly: If the comments on your site's content are broken, it's your fault... Posted October 29, 2013

The history of technology

The history of technology is not just the history of technology. It takes more than technology to explain technology. Posted September 29, 2013

Academic writing

"But knowledge isn't a big pile of facts..." Posted March 01, 2013

Understanding big data vs. theory

The problem is that knowledge often outpaces understanding. In the Age of the Net, if we want our knowledge to get very very big, knowledge is going to blow far past our understanding, and we aren't going to be able to afford to wait around for understanding to catch up. Posted October 30, 2012

Your business needs scholars

"These experts within your business show all the signs of scholarship, except that scholarly papers are not their ultimate output..." Posted September 29, 2012

Kapow, CapTech partner for SharePoint migration

Higher-quality, lower-cost integration projects Posted September 21, 2012

How meaning stuck ...

Attempts to permanently fix meanings to things, and attempts to identify knowledge as if it were valuable free of your context and projects, are misguided. Posted September 01, 2012

Interoperability as a worldview

Usually when you hear someone use the word "interoperability," you should prepare to be pulled into a discussion about highly technical issues about the protocols by which electronic systems communicate, or, if you're very lucky, about the way in which data can be formatted for use across multiple systems... Posted July 05, 2012

The problems with facts

Not all things that claim to be facts are facts. Some statements about the world are false. What's true and false is not up to us. Facts matter. Posted March 31, 2012

Learning like a developer learns

If you want to see the future - and who doesn't? - the place to begin your search is now. If you want to see the future of education and knowledge, take a look at how software developers learn. Posted March 01, 2012

Who cares about knowledge?

I don't make predictions except when they're already true. So, here's one: The concept of knowledge is on its way out. Posted February 01, 2012

Curating abundance

The rise of the digital is changing just about everything about curation, mainly for the better but not entirely... Posted January 01, 2012

Letting data out of its box

Posted October 29, 2011

Framing the Net, or being framed?

The Net does not get framed so much as frames everything else. Posted September 29, 2011

The wisdom of impractical knowledge

Posted September 01, 2011

KMWorld award nominations now open

Celebrating KM Promise and KM Reality Posted July 28, 2011

Explaining the Net’s dominance

Is the Net really different from what came before? I'm going to say yes. The question is why... Posted February 01, 2011

Salesforce.com unveils Database.com

Posted January 07, 2011

Structure is coming back

Posted January 01, 2011

The amateur ecology

Posted October 29, 2010

The underutilized resource beyond lists

Posted September 29, 2010

The long form of webby knowledge

We have a very clear idea of what knowledge looks like in this culture, especially at its high end. At its low end, the picture gets fuzzy... Posted September 01, 2010

Waiting for the fluid book format

Books are complex. Let's hope someday our standards live up to them... Posted July 03, 2010

A lot to hate ...
But PowerPoint brings order to unruly thoughts

People hate all sorts of software because it's hard to use, under-featured, or just plain irritating. But they hate PowerPoint for deeper reasons—for what it does to meetings, for what it does to social interaction, for what it does to how we think. Yet that blind fury can bring us to forget that PowerPoint took us a big step past where we were... Posted May 28, 2010

Authority as a market

Posted April 01, 2010

KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management

When we established our list of 100 Companies That Matter 10 years ago, "knowledge management" was just beginning to be a recognized term in the boardroom. KM is not now (nor will it ever likely be) a household word. Nor is it an application. It's an attitude, a commitment to excellence and innovation shared by the companies, large and small, on this list. A decade ago, a lot of vendors were so intoxicated by their technology that they tried to woo their customers with dazzling features, capabilities they thrust upon clients without fully understanding their legitimate needs. Now, in 2010, that's no longer true. The firms on this list are true solution providers that are dedicated to understanding what their customers need and delivering elegant technology for the requirements of the knowledge economy... Posted March 01, 2010

What attribute best describes the Internet age?

We have been in the Age of Information. What comes next? More exactly, what will we call what comes next?... Posted October 28, 2009

Transparency: the new objectivity

Posted August 28, 2009

Your help with the new expertise

Posted July 03, 2009

The beauty of mesh networking

Posted June 01, 2009

Dollars and data

Posted June 01, 2009

Pros and cons of the Google book deal

The Google Book Search settlement is huge, complex and overall a big step forward. But it's also quite scary. The world of print is about to change, mainly for the better... Posted May 01, 2009

Insights from AIIM

Posted May 01, 2009

Knowledge and understanding

Posted April 01, 2009

Silver, not dark, linings

Posted April 01, 2009

Open Text Partners with Recommind

Posted January 27, 2009

X1 takes on SharePoint Search

Announces new Content Connector Posted August 18, 2008

Everything is Miscellaneous

Longtime KMWorld columnist David Weinberger, a fellow at Harvard's Berkman Center, recently discussed his new book with Hugh McKellar, KMWorld editor in chief. Posted November 01, 2007

KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2007

Assembling this list is never easy, but for the editorial colleagues, analysts, integrators and select group of users who chose which products belong on it, this year has been especially difficult. Posted August 31, 2007


Cardiff integrates Autonomy technology Posted January 10, 2007

Embeddable ECM

EMC Documentum introduces OEM offerings Posted November 27, 2006

MindManager for the Mac

Mindjet extends visual mapping Posted June 12, 2006

Stellent and FAST team up

InStream integrated into UCM Posted May 03, 2006

This one's for you

A brand new KMWorld.com Posted November 17, 2005

Creating informed consumers

Posted November 01, 2005

Search still surging

Posted November 01, 2005

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