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Posted April 01, 2005

Posted February 01, 2005

Posted November 01, 2004

Kanisa6 for automated service resolution Posted September 01, 2004

Posted September 01, 2004

Posted July 01, 2004

Posted July 01, 2004

Posted July 01, 2004

Posted June 01, 2004

Posted May 01, 2004

Posted May 01, 2004

Posted February 01, 2004

Posted January 28, 2004

Posted January 21, 2004

Posted January 05, 2004

First in a series Posted November 17, 2003

All healthcare organizations were required last year to become compliant with the Transaction Rule and Privacy Rule implemented as part of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). The “Cliffs Notes” definition of HIPAA is to provide minimal and only necessary levels of confidential patient information to the healthcare community and other people/organizations requiring access to such information. As organizations have worked to meet the standards, electronic document and records management systems (EDRMS) have been recognized as a solid foundation for establishing HIPAA-compliant systems. Posted October 01, 2003

Help desks and call centers are the hub of any organization—the link to customers. One bad experience and the customer goes elsewhere. That is clearly cause for concern in the mobile telecommunications industry, for example, where there is a push toward phone number portability. Slated to go into effect in November, customers who are unhappy with the technical support they are getting from their wireless provider will be able to take their business—and their phone number—to another service provider. Posted October 01, 2003

Interwoven offers self-service solution Posted September 18, 2003

Posted July 01, 2003

Posted July 01, 2003

Posted July 01, 2003

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