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Customer Relationship Management

Launches File it! and Get it! Posted April 03, 2014

Sitecore apps for iPad, Windows 8.1 tablets Posted March 12, 2014

Conversocial introduces Conversations Posted March 12, 2014

Alliance heightens brand analytics Posted March 11, 2014

Enhanced customer analytics Posted February 25, 2014

Aptean introduces Respond to U.S. market Posted February 20, 2014

Mobile online forms, multimedia self-help resources, etc. Posted February 03, 2014

Extensive research into customer experience shows (and common sense affirms) that those who have a positive customer experience are far more likely to purchase again from the same company, less likely to defect and more likely to promote the company to others. What might be a surprise is the dollar amount into which the positive ratings translate. Posted January 31, 2014

SDL launches unified suite Posted January 27, 2014

Omni-channel program is designed to accept unemployment claims via the state's call center or online through a self-service portal Posted January 22, 2014

Robust e-commerce platform for personalized online shopping Posted January 14, 2014

Building a data-driven competitive advantage in the industry Posted January 08, 2014

Cash deal valued at $514 million Posted January 07, 2014

Strengthening telephony, CRM and collaboration features Posted December 12, 2013

Unifies multilingual, multinational customer service across channels Posted December 10, 2013

Bridgeline Digital adds new module to iAPPS platform Posted December 09, 2013

Combines .NET e-commerce, content management Posted December 04, 2013

"A complete solution provided by a single source." Posted December 02, 2013

Introduces Clarabridge Version 6.1 Posted November 22, 2013

Adds integrated e-commerce capabilities to platform Posted November 21, 2013

Introduces Coveo for Salesforce Communities Posted November 20, 2013

Broader data acquisition, enhanced exploration and distribution capabilities Posted November 18, 2013

Customer support is managed quickly and consistently via phone and SMS texting Posted October 30, 2013

The winners of the KM Promise and the KM Reality awards will be formally announced on Thursday, Nov. 7, at the 2013 KMWorld Conference at the Renaissance Downtown Hotel in Washington, D.C. Posted October 29, 2013

Launches TotalAgility 7.0 development and deployment platform Posted October 09, 2013

Access to contextual knowledge from across the Salesforce platform Posted October 07, 2013

NewVoiceMedia introduces ContactWorld Perform Posted October 03, 2013

"It is our job to make it easy for customers to act on their thoughtfulness wherever they wish to engage with us." Posted September 26, 2013

Comprehensive cloud-based solutions Posted September 19, 2013

The common thread running through all the products listed here is the unique value—and potential value—they offer the organization, its workers and their various constituencies. Posted September 01, 2013

New mobile app, life edit and drag-and-drop Posted August 26, 2013

Enhanced user performance Posted August 16, 2013

Adds two Web experience management offerings Posted August 09, 2013

Acquires Web platform developer Elements Local Posted August 08, 2013

Launches new platform Posted July 29, 2013

Online content and community management Posted July 19, 2013

Customers want answers to their questions and they want them fast. When a customer has a simple question, they don't want to search through pages and pages of content on a company's website to find their answer. Unfortunately this is generally the case on most company websites, creating an overall poor online customer experience. Using virtual agent software can help improve customer service by answering the customer's question without making them waste time searching through content. . . . Posted July 09, 2013

Cutting-edge technology empowers agents and customers with the information they need—on demand and in context. As a rule of thumb in customer service, any customer issue not resolved quickly will see its cost roughly triple. When you factor in research time, contact and context re-establishment time, time spent finding and bringing in experts to help, escalation time, time wasted on interruptions and more, you've got quite an inefficient, costly problem on your hands. . . . Posted July 09, 2013

Great customer support remains one of the few differentiators that businesses can sustain over time. Companies that are winning in today's hypercompetitive business environment provide standout customer service by leveraging knowledge to empower contact center agents and enable superior self-service for customers.

eGain has delivered KM solutions for multichannel customer support for well over 15 years. In the process, we have compiled hundreds of best practices; here are some of the popular ones. . . .
Posted July 09, 2013

Customer service has become an integral part of the added value chain. It contributes to turnover, profit and ROI, and improves customer satisfaction and loyalty. Good service sets companies apart from the competition and stimulates growth in fiercely competitive markets. But the demand for fast reaction times with the correct answers in an atmosphere of extremely short innovation cycles causes service staff to be challenged even more.

Furthermore, professional customer service relies on powerful IT systems. Traditional IT systems that primarily focus on management of service processes need to be complemented by innovative, intelligent knowledge management methods and tools. . . .
Posted July 09, 2013

While we may still be waiting for flying cars and calorie-free ice cream, the future may be closer than you think when it comes to knowledge management. Here are five progressive ideas you can implement now to start building the knowledgebase of the future: 1. A search engine that knows what you are thinking. One of the most frustrating aspects of using a knowledge management tool is finding the answer you're looking for. Precious seconds are wasted trying different search queries and navigating complex hierarchies. But what if you didn't have to search at all? One of the most important advances in customer service knowledge management is the incorporation of customer context. . . . Posted July 09, 2013

Nowhere in your organizations can information be transformed into useful and actionable knowledge more gracefully and effectively than in your customer care (customer service, customer experience... whatever you want to call it) departments. For there resides the intersection between what you know, and what your customers want to know. But nobody says it's easy, and it's only getting harder. The three-way collision of Web self-service and social networking smashing into a reduced IT workforce and budget has done a number of whammys on KM in customer service. . . . Posted July 09, 2013

The organization will use the iAPPS platform to increase subscriptions via e-mail marketing campaigns and short-term access to premium content, which will be tied to bundled promotions Posted July 01, 2013

KANA launches new version of Express Posted June 27, 2013

Introduces VOICES for digital customer service Posted June 26, 2013

Create process efficiencies, understand customer sentiment at a granular level and derive insights from customer feedback data Posted May 30, 2013

"Social networking was initially user-driven, but is now being supported at the corporate level." Posted May 28, 2013

Act on enterprise data through a single social interface Posted May 09, 2013

Crowd-sourced intelligence for customer experience Posted May 08, 2013

KANA launches Response 13R1 with integrated text analytics Posted May 07, 2013

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