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Posted August 23, 2006

GoToWebinar from Citrix Online Posted August 16, 2006

All cash, $1.6 billion Posted August 10, 2006

Platform upgrade from Contextware Posted August 09, 2006

All-cash deal for $489 million Posted August 09, 2006

BEA launches WebLogic 9.2 Posted July 17, 2006

LexisNexis delivers tools for small firms Posted July 10, 2006

Posted July 05, 2006

Exsys upgrades Corvid Posted June 12, 2006

Mindjet extends visual mapping Posted June 12, 2006

In the pharmaceutical industry, an electronic lab notebook can be more than a receptacle for documents; it can be a platform for knowledge management and collaboration. Posted May 26, 2006

What is a sure way to lose the attention of customers or prospects? Tell them that you want to sell them more IT infrastructure. That can be very challenging because of the amount and complexity of infrastructure that has already been purchased and deployed over many years. Posted May 26, 2006

As a result of the three-day New York City transit strike in December, the millions of commuters who regularly travel into Manhattan or throughout the five boroughs had to find an alternate means of transportation or an alternate workplace. Posted February 01, 2006

Vignette strengthens capabilities Posted February 01, 2006

SiteScape introduces Forum ZX Posted January 01, 2006

A brand new Posted November 17, 2005

Posted October 01, 2005

Any decision is only as good as the information behind it. Companies know that accurate information is their most important asset, capable of shedding vital insight onto current customers, prospects, competitors, partners and suppliers. However, such information is also volatile, highly perishable, often scarce and costly. Professionals who develop client relationships spend a significant amount of their time obtaining, reviewing and evaluating information. Aside from the enormous cost of ad hoc research conducted by “information amateurs,” having the best-possible business intelligence available is crucial to a company’s competitive advantage. . . . Posted October 01, 2005

Have you ever heard this?: “I could have told you that would never fly…” “How come we didn’t know about that…?” “We’ve looked at that before…?” Have you thought this?: “How the heck did that happen…?” “If only I knew then what I know now…” “This might be very useful to us, but who should I tell…?” “I wonder who would know…?” “Where could I find…?” Operating in a competitive world plagued with information overload and attention deficit, these are, unfortunately, typical experiences. How many times do individuals and companies reinvent the wheel because information was not effectively captured and shared? How many times do we find out after brutal surprises that it was a simple failure to connect the dots, all of which were there? . . . Posted October 01, 2005

You know your company and products are special, and your customers feel that way, too. That’s why they want to participate in collaborative forums. They learn from other expert customers, gain recognition, build their reputation, let their needs be known and become part of a community. With collaborative forums, customer participants are engaging on their own terms and volunteering their support to help others. A wide range of companies, such as Novell and Business Objects, have implemented forums to enhance their KM strategies for supporting complex products. . . . Posted October 01, 2005

In today’s business environment, project teams are made up of the best people available, regardless of location. These teams may be made up of employees, outside vendors and consultants, who may be working together for days, weeks or even years. In this setting, project-related content is typically stored in the location in which it is created, and is then sent to the other team members via e-mail, overnight mail or by fax. The result is that multiple copies of a given document are floating around, and no one knows which version is the most up-to-date. . . . Posted October 01, 2005

If you search for a monkey in the jungle, it’s tougher than finding one at the zoo, and if you search for unstructured content, it’s tougher than finding structured content. Completely different search technologies specialize in one or the other, but many technologies now say they search both. That’s why if you’re researching new search solutions, you’re going to hear about the difference between structured and unstructured information, and it’s going to get confusing, because those definitions have evolved over time . . . . Posted October 01, 2005

“Collaboration” is one of the big knowledge management-mantra words—this is a list that also includes “sharing,” “capturing” and even “delivering” knowledge. When industry gurus talk about KM, you can bet “collaboration” isn't far behind. So how come it's so hard to write about. . . ? Posted October 01, 2005

Posted October 01, 2005

Posted September 01, 2005

Posted September 01, 2005

Endeca unveils new solutions Posted August 15, 2005

Posted July 01, 2005

Posted May 01, 2005

Posted April 01, 2005

Posted April 01, 2005

Significant software and service upgrades Posted March 01, 2005

Posted March 01, 2005

Posted February 01, 2005

Posted January 01, 2005

Posted January 01, 2005

Posted January 01, 2005

Posted November 01, 2004

Posted November 01, 2004

Posted June 01, 2004

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