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Fueling Sales and Marketing with Presentation Management

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According to the IDC report, “Bridging the Information Worker Productivity Gap: New Challenges and Opportunities,”  more than 45% of workers’ frustrations are related to conducting time-consuming searches through email attachments, while 30% of frustrations are due to how much time workers have to spend following up with people to get documents reviewed. So, when your best employees are piecing together presentations that are only going to be used once they are not only wasting valuable time but also getting frustrated in the process.

Employees should not need to hunt for company assets to piece together the perfect presentation for a specific prospect. The ability to search for one slide out of thousands, and preview it quickly, so individuals can decide whether or not it’s right for their meeting, and then select it for a new presentation—much like buying things on Amazon—is fast, easy, and productive. Furthermore, the content selected is up-to-date and required messaging is forced into the presentation, making this new presentation accurate and on brand. This frees up sales reps time so they can focus on what they are actually paid to do—pitching potential clients and converting leads. 

Whether it’s for outward sales or internal marketing, presentations are representations of your company. Businesses would never allow inaccurate information to be used on company websites or press releases, so why tolerate it in presentations?

By investing in presentation management, an organization is guaranteeing that it is using its absolute best assets to efficiently fuel sales activity and marketing ability to the fullest. By introducing a cohesive presentation management platform, businesses are employing an effective solution across the entire company, ultimately promoting a productive work environment while ensuring the best assets are being presented and allowing employees to focus on what’s most important—growing the business! 

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