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Trend-Setting Product of 2018: Access Innovations, Inc.: Experience an Increase in Productivity with Data Harmony 3.13

Changing Search to Found

In today’s information age, taxonomies are indispensable for content producers. The ability to tag and categorize content has become essential for retrieval, discovery, analytics, and new product development. Once perceived a luxury, taxonomies are the key to uncovering the value in an organization’s information assets.

The recent trends toward artificial intelligence and machine learning make taxonomies more valuable than ever. AI and ML systems require robust taxonomic backbones—as well as other clean data—to function properly and make accurate inferences.

The Data Harmony applications from Access Innovations were developed specifically for content producers to streamline metadata creation. This powerful software suite enables taxonomy development and governance, provides automatic document categorization and document management, and aids in search and retrieval. Designed to integrate into any stage of a production system, Data Harmony changes search to found.

With a Data Harmony implementation users will experience an increase in productivity, while consumers will immediately notice a vastly improved search experience. With minimal setup time to implement in a live environment, Data Harmony is the answer to your organization’s information management needs.

Access Innovations, Inc.
6301 Indian School Road NE
Suite 400
Albuquerque, NM 87110

PH: 505.998.0800
FAX: 505.256.1080

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