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Tools to ramp up the customer experience

This article appears in the issue October 2016, [Volume 25 Issue 9]
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Enhanced insight

Sometimes customers don’t give their feedback directly, but indirectly by how they engage with a company’s content. If they click off a video too quickly, for example, it’s a good indication that their experience was subpar at best. And for a company providing e-learning solutions, that type of “silent feedback” is needed along with actual feedback to continue to deliver engaging customer experiences that lead to repeat and new sales of the company’s products.

Such was the case with Scitent, which provides e-learning technology and business services to help non-profits and associations build revenue-generating e-learning programs. How long people stay engaged with videos is just one of many metrics that Scitent’s customers seek. They also want to know how well different courses are selling, who is most successful selling courses and a host of other data points, according to Deb McMahon, Scitent’s president and CEO.

Scitent was collecting and reporting those metrics, but the reports were time-consuming to produce and could only be done periodically. Some clients wanted the ability to have the information more quickly, which was impossible with Scitent’s legacy processes.

The company analyzed several different solutions before choosing Sisense, which provided the most cost-effective solution for Scitent’s needs, according to McMahon and Laurent Jean-Marius, Scitent’s director of IT and product development. Scitent made the choice 18 months ago, then went live with the solution about a year ago.

Sisense enables Scitent to have all metrics available via dashboards, which can be customized depending on customer preferences. With the dashboards, the metrics are easy to assemble for reports, saving about two days of work for each one, according to McMahon. If needed, reports can now be generated the same day.

The intangible value is that customers can log on in real time and get the information they are looking for. The company can feel comfortable the end customer is receiving the expected customer experience, according to McMahon, who adds, “Sisense allows us to develop dashboards, which we can embed right on client sites.”

Scitent is continuing to explore the analytics available via Sisense and expects to expand on the metrics that it can offer its customers.

As the examples show, knowledge management is and will continue to be an essential element for companies looking to enhance their customer experience management capabilities.

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