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Business Process Management

Posted January 06, 2010

Improves customer experience and employee productivity Posted December 28, 2009

Open Text expands solutions for Oracle Posted December 21, 2009

New research from Aberdeen Group validates what many business and IT leaders have discovered for themselves: accelerating process improvement efforts through business process management (BPM) is yielding significant returns as organizations continue to grapple with the unstable global economy. The new report, called BPM Accelerated: Slashing Cost and Time with Agile Business Processes, shows that "companies that have developed the organizational maturity and are leveraging the right tools..." Posted December 15, 2009

"A funny thing happened on the way to becoming successful: despite our best corporate governance, we got sued," said Stuart Taylor, National Journal columnist. The not-so-funny part is that despite their best intentions, companies do get sued: the average Fortune 2000 company is involved in more than 100 legal matters at any given time. Many company executives and managers have attended seminars on compliance, risk and retention policies... Posted December 15, 2009

At its core, business process management (BPM) is a basic sequence of activities characterized as having measurable inputs, added value and measurable outputs. The activities, which can cross organizational boundaries, are repeatable, definable and predictable. Because of its ability to deliver on cost reduction, increased productivity, higher customer service levels and a respectable return on investment, more and more organizations are recognizing the value that BPM provides... Posted December 15, 2009

In the early 20th century, Henry Ford revolutionized manufacturing when he installed the first moving assembly line at his automotive plant near Detroit, Michigan. However, the assembly line concept had existed for centuries. From the Chinese Terracotta Army, assembled in 210 BCE, to sewing machine and bicycle manufacturing in the mid-1800s, the modern assembly line was the culmination of wildly divergent experiments with interchangeability, creativity, innovation and logic... Posted December 15, 2009

The recession has taken its toll. The pain it has caused is universal and has touched everyone in the modern world at some level—both personally and professionally. On a personal level, wealth has deteriorated, financial stress has increased, and even for those lucky enough to still be employed, the anxiety over the uncertain and volatile economic conditions is ever-present. On a professional level, the way we do our jobs and run our organizations has changed... Posted December 15, 2009

I've been writing these opening articles ("overture essays," we call them, somewhat pretentiously) for many years now. And increasingly, when I approach the prospect of digging down into a subject we've covered before—such as this one, business process management, or BPM—there's a moment when I think: "What else can be said about this subject that hasn't already been said?" And I'm always wrong... Posted December 15, 2009

Facilitates early case assessment Posted November 23, 2009

Caspio releases V. 6.5 Posted November 16, 2009

Blends project management within BPM Posted October 28, 2009

Posted October 28, 2009

Bridgeline Software introduces V. 2.8 Posted October 21, 2009

SpringCM debuts 2010 connector Posted October 21, 2009

LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 2 Posted October 14, 2009

Case360 from Global 360 Posted October 07, 2009

Active Endpoints Announces ActiveVOS 7.0 Posted September 30, 2009

Simplified SaaS solution Posted September 14, 2009

IBM unveils new ECM software Posted September 02, 2009

Process360 10.0 from Global 360 Posted August 05, 2009

Integrify's enterprise request management Posted July 29, 2009

Effective harvesting of knowledge Posted July 22, 2009

With more than 500 fee-earners in 12 practice groups, cost-control and productivity have been critical concerns for Taylor Wessing LLP, a UK top-20 law firm specializing in intellectual property law. Recognizing that the pervasiveness of paper documents represented a large hidden cost, Tim Hyman, IT director, embarked on an ambitious program to transform how documents flowed through the organization. "To create an environment that is less paper-intensive, we implemented a broad portfolio of technology from Autonomy iManage (formerly Interwoven) that enables our professionals to store, access and share a complete range of documents," Hyman said. "That was a crucial first step, but we felt we could extend the value of the implementation even further by streamlining our entire document lifecycle... Posted July 21, 2009

In order to compete effectively in the 21st century, many organizations are designing powerful and unique business processes, and automating these processes with business process management (BPM) technologies. These organizations recognize that their financial performance and the quality of service they provide to their customers are intimately tied to their business processes. For this reason, many organizations consider BPM to be a vital strategic technology that has the power to decrease costs, increase productivity, provide high-quality customer services levels and realize a respectable ROI for their investment. According to a Gartner BPM Survey of more than 50 companies, 78% of the firms reported an ROI of more than 15%. BPM enables organizations to design, automate, monitor and actively control... Posted July 21, 2009

Many companies across a wide range of industries collect the information they need to run their operations by having numerous paper forms filled in, routed, processed and approved. For decades, these information-gathering processes have been paper-based and manual. More recently, IT professionals or systems integrators have been able to cobble together a variety of image capture solutions and middleware with their ECM systems, sometimes with workflow capability, that together enable some form of digital process automation.Now, many organizations including financial institutions, schools, government agencies, medical organizations, manufacturers, high-tech companies and others have realized that taking the paper out of the process saves time and money. The benefits realized... Posted July 21, 2009

Paper is not sexy. First of all, it's flat—no curves! And it's thin—no muscles! Don't even get me started on the fact that it's mostly white. It doesn't even have that certain allure of danger ... unless you count paper cuts. So how come every information manager I've ever known (and I've known a lot) always tells me, "We've got to deal with this paper!" "We're overwhelmed by all this paper!" And my favorite, "We have to tame this paper beast!"The paper beast is still alive and well, after all these years. Despite almost two decades' worth of effort to automate paper-based business processes of all kinds, it might be a little surprising that the issue of "paper" is still on the minds of knowledge managers and business executives... Posted July 21, 2009

SwiftKnowledge for ISVs Posted July 01, 2009

Publishing this list is the most difficult project KMWorld undertakes every year, and I've been heading the effort since it began in 2000. Our somewhat informal judging process taps the individual and collective wisdom of colleagues, analysts, system integrators and even a selected group of users... Posted March 01, 2009

BP Logix introduces Workflow Director Posted February 27, 2009

Despite the troubled economy, business process management (BPM) software products seem to be headed for robust growth... Posted February 02, 2009

A new report from research firm Aberdeen Group, "BPM and Beyond: The Human Factor of Process Management," reveals that best-in-class companies are seeing significant and measurable improvements across key performance indicators thanks to their adoption of BPM technologies. BPM's popularity is growing because it specifically addresses these core areas that determine business performance. As the report states, "Particularly in light of today's volatile economy... Posted January 06, 2009

It may seem counter-intuitive, but a declining economy can serve as an ally in building a lean, thriving organization—if you know how to use it to your advantage. An economic downturn compels some organizations to shift focus primarily to the reduction of unnecessary expenses. Consequently, many business and IT leaders—facing tightening budgets—simply abandon some projects and compromise others by cutting back... Posted January 06, 2009

Business process management (BPM) became a significant topic of interest over a decade ago, yet it is still growing at a healthy pace. Last year Forrester Research estimated that BPM licenses, services and maintenance revenue would grow to more than $2.7 billion by 2009, and it may very well exceed that figure this year. Historically, BPM has been developed and deployed primarily within large enterprises to gain greater business process efficiency... Posted January 06, 2009

Planning is critical in any project, but in BPM, planning and project management require a much more flexible approach. You should clearly understand your requirements at the start of each incremental project, and plan for requirements to change and evolve as you implement and improve. It is also critical that the technologies you adopt allow for change, as opposed to being "hard-wired" into the solution... Posted January 06, 2009

Markets are becoming more competitive across the board; cost cutting, productivity, risk management, innovation and agility are no longer nice-to-haves and are becoming necessities. Executives realize this, and often that translates into a revelation that an optimization of resources is needed organization-wide. Rather than attempting to achieve wholesale transformation, a more pragmatic approach is to look specifically at optimizing... Posted January 06, 2009

Sixty years ago we did not have the Internet. We did not have client-server computing. We did not have mainframes, by and large (and LARGE is right!). We did not have workflow, automation or iPods, either. But we HAD business process management. Cats like Deming and Drucker were already thinking, writing and acting... Posted January 06, 2009

Posted November 06, 2008

The KM Promise Award goes to a vendor who has risen above the noise enough to make our editors take special notice. The KM Reality award goes to an organization that has applied KM practices and technologies in a unique and special way... Posted November 03, 2008

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