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WebMethods to acquire Infravio

WebMethods has signed a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Infravio for approximately $38 million in cash. The deal is expected to close later this month. Infravio is a provider of service-oriented architecture (SOA) registry and governance solutions, which enforce the policies and procedures that determine how developers, IT staff and business users leverage and utilize services throughout the entire SOA life cycle. Infravio further explains that SOA governance creates alignment and enables collaboration across those disparate groups while allowing each participant to maintain their own distinct view of services and policies. WebMethods says that once Infravio's technology is integrated into its Fabric product suite, along with the semantic metadata technologies recently acquired from Cerebra, users will be able to accelerate SOA adoption throughout their enterprise. WebMethods reports customers will benefit from these enhanced capabilities in two ways:

Guided SOA governance. SOA best practices built into the product make knowledge immediately accessible to users, while interactive tutorials are used to shorten the learning curve. This approach rapidly extends user proficiency, the company claims, ensuring greater consistency and quality in the development process while reducing trial and error.

Enterprise-scale SOA. WebMethods' integrated SOA platform helps organizations deliver and maintain service-level agreement (SLA) backed, enterprise-class deployments while also facilitating expanded reuse of services. These additional features enabled or improved by Infravio include automatic content validation, service-level agreement management, security enforcement, versioning and impact analysis, with Infravio's contracts manager used to improve the configurability and agility of services. These features are said to be further enhanced through the incorporation of Cerebra's technology.

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