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Taming the RM monster

Ness Technologies has announced RecoFile, a records management solution for the public and commercial sectors.

Developed by Ness’ Eastern European division in Czechoslovakia to meet that country’s requirements, RecoFile can be adapted to meet needs in other countries, as well, says Ness. It automates the entire life cycle of documents and records--from creation to disposal--and makes it possible to register documents, forward them to the appropriate recipients, file them, securely handle and access them and archive the documents in internal or external archives, says Ness.

Further, the company explains, the system handles inbound, outbound and internal paper or digital documents. Paper documents can be easily scanned and saved either as images or converted into text files. The system allows automatic disposal of documents according to government and internal regulations. Based upon Microsoft’s .Net platform, RecoFile can be integrated into the organization’s internal information systems, including the data, application and process levels.

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