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Structuring the unstructured

Attensity has unveiled the beta version of its latest text analytics software, Attensity Server 4.0, which offers a wizard-based interface for quick, point-and-click extraction of facts from free-form text in millions of documents. The company says Version 4.0 offers seamless import and configuration into structured relational tables in combination with the structured data already stored in databases and accessed by business intelligence applications.

The company reports that key features of Attensity Server 4.0 include:

Standards--UIMA-compliant wrappers are available for all extraction engines (UIMA, or Unstructured Information Management Architecture, is an open source framework published by IBM to promote a standard for connecting text analytics applications that process unstructured information). Also, a new Web services (SOAP) layer enables improved automatic access to the extraction engines for integration into other applications.

Scheduling--Seamless management of text import and extraction runs, as well as simultaneous processing of text, offer better throughput and data flow management.

Intelligence--Industry and customer learning is automatically incorporated into the extraction logic engines for deeper fact and event extraction.

Scalability--The application runs on 64-bit Linux Red Hat Enterprise Service 4.0. Distributed servers for any supported platform can be added and removed to scale according to need.

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