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Stellent goes blog and Wiki

Stellent has announced that its widely adopted Universal Content Management (UCM) solution now enables Wiki contributors to easily create hyperlinks in both pattern-matching and wizard-style formats. The company explains this capability allows users to quickly link to other topics and pages within a Wiki site, as well as other Web sites. When an author creates a new hyperlink about a particular subject, the Stellent system will automatically link to a Wiki page about that topic. If the page does not exist, it will automatically create a new page.

Further, says Stellent, contributors can edit Wiki pages in real time and instantly view their changes, encouraging readers to quickly correct errors and fostering high-quality, collaborative authoring. The Stellent technology also records a history of Wiki activity, so readers know who writes or changes content, how many times content is revised and if there are certain topics currently under heavy debate. A locking and revision control feature ensures only one user may change content at a time, and it also keeps an audit trail of all revisions which is then available for records and retention management purposes.

Furthermore, the Stellent system gives Wiki readers the opportunity to provide comments on topics or changes made to content. WYSIWYG form-based editing facilitates authors editing changes without requiring HTML experience.

Additionally, UCM now provides short, blog-formatted WYSIWYG forms, enabling authors to quickly and easily post new blog entries, without requiring HTML expertise. Contributors can edit or add new posts in real time and instantly view their changes. A preview function allows users to proof posts before publishing them. Authors can submit new posts to a blog via e-mail or by using word processing applications such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice. Companies also can distribute blog posts through really simple syndication (RSS) feeds, allowing audiences to subscribe to specific content that will keep them updated on company developments. Lastly, a security feature helps organizations control who can author and view a blog.

The new Wiki and blog capabilities are also supported by Stellent's robust multisite management features.

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