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Search at the heart of e-discovery review

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LexisNexis Legal & Professional has released a significant new version of Concordance Evolution, the company’s fully installed enterprise review software product for electronic discovery and litigation document management. The new release is completely Web-enabled, allowing for efficient implementation and deployment.

LexisNexis emphasizes the following capabilities in the latest version of Concordance Evolution:

Speed--The new version combines professional insight on relevant language, keywords and terms of art, with the speed of sophisticated search technology to deliver fast searching, review, etc. In real-world testing, the software imported load files of 350 GB (approximately 7 million documents) within 24 hours, enabled document-to-document browsing within 1 to 2 seconds, tagged 3,000 documents per minute, returned results on complex searches within four seconds and produced 5 million pages of discoverable documents per 24-hour time periods.

Capacity--With the flexible administrative tools in Concordance Evolution, users can adapt the capacity of the software to their needs, whether it’s to manage a small case or a large, complex litigation matter. This is made possible by a scalable Microsoft SQL backend database that keeps data in one place, improves data integrity and supports large-scale, multi-party document review. The new version of the platform also allows users to run multiple imports, exports and production actions at once, automate and schedule jobs and distribute processing across multiple servers, providing tremendous scalability.

Ease of use--Concordance Evolution features optimized workflows that save time, enabling review of more data sooner than with processes required by competitive products. Specifically, users can easily conduct queries, browse and tag documents, view production sets and conduct bulk reviews. A unique “Dual View” design allows users to obtain two different types of views simultaneously on a split screen in a single browser. Other features include sortable fields, e-mail threading, near-native highlighting and shortcut keys. Intuitive workflows like these also reduce the need for extensive user training and retraining.

In addition to the on-premise version, Concordance Evolution is also available from LexisNexis in a fully hosted environment.

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