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Program and project collaboration

MatrixOne has released ProgramManagement Central, which is said to allow organizations to ensure consistent quality in projects and programs across globally dispersed teams. The company claims ProgramManagement deployment results in shortened product development cycles, increased market share, reduced development costs and risks, increased margins and improved return on assets.

A key component to the software is its ability to directly link business processes to live product information, says MatrixOne. Direct linkage allows ProgramManagement to be updated automatically as tasks and deliverables are completed, allowing everyone in the value chain to identify emerging issues.

ProgramManagement Central is another addition to the MatrixOne Value Chain Portfolio, a set of plug-and-play applications that integrate product information and business processes in support of value chain interaction. The application runs on MatrixOne's eMatrix collaboration platform, which the company defines as an open, scalable and secure framework for deploying, integrating and developing product collaboration solutions across the value chain.

ProgramManagement Central is ready to be used out of the box and can also be customized to meet the specific needs of an enterprise.

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