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Process Innovation Awards winners announced

With the AIIM show right around the corner, it's time to present the 1998 Process Innovation Awards. While the official ceremony won't be held until May 11 in the Anaheim Hilton, here's a sneak peek at who came out on top. In case you're wondering, the winners ­ picked from a pool of more than 60 nominations ­ were selected based on process improvements that led to gains in at least one of the following areas: productivity, profitability, ability to adapt to market conditions, or competitive standing/market share. The panel of judges included: Steve Weissman and Paula Boyle of Kinetic Information (Waltham, MA); Priscilla Emery of AIIM International (Silver Spring, MD), Arthur Gingrande of IMERGE Consulting (Arlington, MA); Stowe Boyd of Modus Operandi (Reston, VA); Ray Edwards of Lighthouse Consulting (Kansas City, MO), and Addie Mattox of @doc (Pleasanton, CA).

The envelope, please:

The finalists for the Vision Award, which honors the technology initiative with the greatest potential for transforming a business or social process, are:

Waterfield Mortgage Co. (nominated by FileNet)

Massachusetts Firearms Records Bureau (nominated by The IDP Companies)

Vertical Market Award Winners (nominating companies in parentheses)


Winner: University of Texas at Austin (DocuCorp International), for its system that expedites the application processes and routines that support admission to the University, as well as overall student record retention and retrieval.

Second Place: New York Board of Education (Cardiff Software)

Financial Services

Winner: Chase Manhattan Bank (Image Architects), for its system that makes trust account information available to a wide audience of users regardless of source or format of original data.

Second Place: BankBoston Corp. (PC Docs)


Winner: Massachusetts Firearms Records Bureau (The IDP Companies), for its system that reads, archives, and retrieves firearms registration forms, providing law enforcement personnel with ready access to firearms information.

Second Place: U.S. Army Medical Command (JetForm)


Winner: CFI (Logical Software Solutions), for its system that controls the flow of orders received by the mail order drug company, and provides immediate access to all associated documentation, history, and order status.

Second Place: Florida Hospital (OTG Software)


Winner: Allstate Insurance (FileNet), for its system that automatically sorts incoming claims by line-of-business and then routes them for adjudication.

Second Place: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana (Dataplex)


Winner: EMJ Co. (Image-X), for its system that replaces two separate and incompatible systems with a new infrastructure that links all company operations, procedures, and information together.

Second Place: Gen-Probe, Inc. (Novasoft)


Winner: US Xpress Enterprises (Lanier Worldwide), for its system that captures critical trucking documents and automatically routes them to appropriate personnel in different departments.

Second Place: Milan Express Co. (Magellan Software)


Winner: Texas Public Utilities Commission (EZPower Systems), for its system that speeds the submission and processing of legal and regulatory filings, and provides easy access to those filings via Windows client or Web browser.

Second Place: Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. (Xerox Engineering Systems)

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