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Nuclear Regulatory Commission installs document management system

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has created a way to streamline communications, save time and increase efficiency by providing access to all enterprise documents, thanks largely to FileNet. The NRC's Agency-Wide Document Access and Management System (ADAMS), built on FileNet's Panagon integrated document management (IDM) suite, replaces a legacy system of independent document reference searching and retrieval systems. The old system, an internally-developed hodgepodge, stored all documents off line on microfiche and paper. It segmented the agency and mandated manual data entry, hindering the NRC's employees from passing important information back and forth. The result was time-consuming document routing processes and slower-than- cold-fusion workflow. "A great deal of our work is time-sensitive," said Dan Graser, information management team leader at the NRC. "Managing files and creating efficient workflow processes are critical."

With the help of integrators BDM International and CACI, the NRC chose the Panagon IDM Document Services and Visual WorkFlo to energize their document management system. Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and The Centech Group, a FileNet business partner, designed and implementated the 3,200 seat, $1 million+ installation. Using ADAMS, employees and the public will have immediate intranet and Internet access to documents, rather than sending a request for documentation to the NRC. Newly-created documents will be available online for users to access, enabling faster and more accurate document retrieval. ADAMS will also aid NRC employees with correspondence control and reduce file duplication. Plain and simple, the system "will enhance our employees' ability to communicate quickly across the organization," said Graser.

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