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Novasoft unveils new document management system

Novasoft has released Novation, a next generation enterprise workflow and document management system. Based on JavaBeans and ActiveX technology, Novation offers document and workflow management, Web content management, rapid application development, visual component assembly, Web delivered applications, database access and intranet standards all in one package. With this product, knowledge workers can easily and securely access the right information at the right time.

"Novation's rich feature set combined with its adaptive component architecture sets it apart in providing a solution that can readily grow and change with our customer's needs," according to Jothy Rosenberg, Novasoft's CEO and CTO.

Novation is now available from Novasoft's direct sales and channel partners. Pricing is on a server basis at $800 to $100 per seat depending on volume ordered.

What does the analyst community have to say about this new EDMS product? Plenty. "Novasoft's Novation product line is moving the industry forward with the first EDMS specifically architected to leverage the key benefits of the Intranet and component technologies," said Delphi Group analyst Carl Frappaolo. With its flexibility, integration and reusability, "Novation sets itself apart from other products that support the Web and Java, but were not specifically architected to leverage this new environment."

"Novation's components architecture will help organizations to rise to new heights of reliability, security, manageability and performance in their EDMS deployments, not to mention the significant return on investment they could realize as a result of this technology," added International Data Corporation (IDC) senior analyst Amie White.

"Novation is the first EDMS product that is truly built on the flexible, JavaBeans technology-based component architecture, setting a new benchmark for rapid customization and adaptive EDMS solutions," said Anne Thomas, Editor-in-Chief of the Distributed Computing Monitor at the Patricia Seybold Group

Users like the new product too. "Our corporate Intranet is becoming more and more the virtual access mechanism to the corporation's knowledge assets," said Marcia Klaric of Fore Systems. "Novation provides us with a system that can scale up to meet the varying needs of our entire company while leveraging our investments in intranet infrastructure and Web technology."

"Novation allows our corporate document and workflow applications to grow and change as fast as our processes change," said Anish Dhanda, president and CEO of NetNumina. "That type of flexibility provides us an enormous competitive advantage."

"Novation's component architecture has added a new dimension to integrating enterprise applications together with EDMS technologies," said Larry Greene, North American Pharmaceutical Industry Director for Digital Equipment. Novation's easy integration with other business applications "will allow customers to realize the benefits of a complete well-integrated enterprise solution at a much more accelerated pace."

Using previous Novasoft technology, Webasto Systems now saves about 50% of its process time for the Cost Estimation for Engineering Change Orders; with Novation the company expects to save more. "With Novation we will be able to extend our corporate workflow to foreign subsidiaries and suppliers," according to Bernd Gollnitz, Webasto's Manager of Engineering and Workflow Systems.

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