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New user interface from Primus

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Primus Knowledge Solutions has released eServer iView, which it calls an intuitive and user-friendly interface designed to maximize the full functionality and benefits of eServer 5.1.

Primus claims the new interface will reduce "work-arounds," extend customization options, and refine integrations to accelerate employee productivity and cost savings while increasing customer satisfaction. The company says the product:

  • is tailored to the individual needs of front-line and tier-2 agents and knowledge workers;

  • measurably reduces call times, wrap-up times and clicks for common actions;

  • provides new "link and save" functionality that allows front-line agents to quickly escalate inquiries to more experienced agents;

  • offers search refinement to automatically extract relevant information to solve problems from either structured or unstructured enterprise data;

  • features the ability to view a history of all incidents linked to a particular solution; and

  • provides excellent HTML editing tools without requiring HTML programming skills.

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