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New service pack from Confirmit

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Confirmit, which provides SaaS solutions for customer feedback, employee feedback and market research applications has launched its Horizons Version 15 Service Pack, a set of features and functionality designed to enhance the platform. The Service Pack will deliver a wide range of system improvements to users ahead of the next major release of the platform.

Among them are:

  • expanded reporting capabilities, with the ability to add bar charts to tables and a new Hitlist Designer;
  • increased security through support for project level database encryption (data-at-rest encryption);
  • authenticated access to interview progress counts via mobile (or any other) browser;
  • enhanced productivity and flexibility for sampling in the Confirmit Community Panel through a range of improvements;
  • a range of new CATI features, including native telephone blacklist support for CATI-enabled projects; and
  • a number of new functions for the improved recoded variable interface.

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