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Mobius signs contract with Swiss bank

Zurcher Kantonalbank, the third largest Swiss bank, has purchased an enterprise license of Mobius Management Systems' document archival and retrieval software to meet its document warehousing needs. ZKB will install Mobius' Electronic Document Warehouse (EDW) on 3,000 desktops, replacing the bank's current microfiche-based system. The system will provide users with single-platform access to ZKB's document archive, which houses 45 million pages of customer information produced annually. "We store a lot of information on the host, and therefore have decided to work with a provider that also excels in its solutions in this area," said Rene Grenacher, Leiter Bereich Logistik Informatik System Engineering at ZKB. "We were convinced by the practical demonstration of the company's high-level functionality of its system on site." The deal represents an important win "in an industry where quick and universal access to company-wide information is a central factor of economic success," said Ludolf Brauckmann, GM at Mobius' Willich, Germany facilities.

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