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Mesa Systems Guild unveils risk management tool

Mesa Systems Guild has released the Mesa/Vista Risk Manager, an environment that allows project team members to analyze and monitor the uncertainties encountered in a development process...aka risk management. It can be integrated with other product development tools, so users can create, review, and manage project data on any machine from remote geographic locations. Data from product development tools can be plugged into the environment and shared among all team members, even if they don't have the tools on their native machine. Clark Jordan, Executive Education Director for Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science, says that the Mesa module simplifies an important task of the project manager: identifying and mitigating the inherent risks of any product development effort. "[It] not only simplifies this task, but also more than pays for itself by reducing the overall cost of risk exposure." "All project stakeholders now have the ability to quickly assess project status ­ not only for one project, but across multiple projects," added Mesa president Brian Brady. Mesa/Vista Risk Manager "makes apparent where the team members should be focusing their efforts."

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