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MathWorks creates a multiplatform computing environment

The scientific image processing market is fragmentary and multidisciplinary. Engineers, scientists and technical professionals may--in addition to image processing--require mathematical computation, data analysis and algorithm development. The Image Processing Toolbox 2.0 from MathWorks (Natick, MA, provides users with a multiplatform computing environment when joined with MathWorks' MatLab 5.

Version 2.0 provides support for 8-bit image data types for fast processing and greater memory efficiency, object labeling algorithms to ease connected "blob" analysis, Quadtree decomposition algorithms for locally adaptive image compression and feature analysis, and 2-D order statistic filters for grayscale morphology.

The new release also features graphics performance advancements for faster and more flexible image display, image file I/O enhancements for faster I/O performance and support for more file formats, and N-dimensional arrays, convolutions and FFTs for operating on multi-spectral images.

According to the developer, the new features allow users to increase the speed of their image processing applications, analyze image data using a variety of new methods and operate on new image data types.

MatLab 5.1 ($1,795) and the Image Processing Toolbox 2.0 ($895) were scheduled to begin shipping in July.

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