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Manage product knowledge

MatrixOne has developed a business process application engineered to help companies accelerate product development and delivery through knowledge reuse.

MatrixOne Library Central is intended to transform existing information collected in a company's PDM/PLM system, classifying and organizing data to create a knowledgebase tailored to an organization's specific business environments and products.

Some of Library Central's capabilities include:

Enterprisewide reuse catalog--Product development teams can use a single application to search a company's entire set of reusable product content.

N-level classification taxonomy--The classification hierarchy can be tailored to a customer's specific business or product needs and managed in a live system without changing the underlying database schema or modifying the PLM system.

Standard attribute definitions--Reusable attributes can be defined, applied consistently across classes and inherited from class to sub-class, thereby reducing the effort needed to create and maintain the classification system.

Parametric search and comparison--Search capability enables organizations to locate product content based on complex sets of reuse criteria, and a comparison of the results permits sorting and ranking.

Cross-team collaboration—It enables classification of non-engineering data in the same system as engineering data or into a company's own libraries.

Role-based library classifications--The same content can be simultaneously organized, browsed and searched by different role-specific definitions.

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