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Linking with Lotus

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Saperion says its Notes-Bridge enables archiving Lotus Notes documents in an auditable fashion according to rules defined and adapted by the user. The company adds that its new offering does not require modification to an organization's infrastructure.

In a press release, Andreas Liebing, Saperion’s CEO, says, "The system can simultaneously query, archive and protocol all the activities of the module in a Notes database. We also provide a Notes configuration database in which all the archiving and query requirements as well as their parameters are stored. The use of Notes-Bridge does not require the acquisition of additional Notes query licenses."

Saperion explains the Notes documents are first collected in a job database, from which they are sequentially stored in binary and/or TIFF format. Attachments can be stored separately in either the original format or converted into one of the auditable file formats TIFF or PDF. The company adds that by observing the Notes Access Control List users can guarantee the ownership and access rights at any time. E-mail and their attachments can be queried using index criteria and then viewed in Lotus Notes.

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