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IoT artificial intelligence/cognitive computing from Saffron

Saffron has introduced Version 10 of its Natural Intelligence Platform. The company claims Version 10 combines computing with “brain-like intelligence,” allowing organizations to quickly focus on the knowledge that matters to them most, anticipate what will happen next and optimize decisions based on that criteria.

The company says Saffron 10 connects information at the entity level to learn how a particular fact, event, person, product outcome or “thing” connects to everything else. It understands the context behind these connections, providing businesses with the essential tools to see specific events or patterns hidden in large, complex data sets. It further reports the platform employs an associative memory, or natural-learning, approach and is engineered to find connections among data across diverse sources, without the need for rules or modeling, while learning incrementally and anticipating outcomes based on patterns it finds in the data.

Saffron adds that Version 10 ingests data natively from all legacy file systems and is commercially deployed for real-time operational risk intelligence and decision support in Internet of Things applications such as smart device manufacturing, financial services, energy and national security industries. Saffron 10 capabilities include model-free fraud detection, personalized anticipatory maintenance, country risk assessment and personalized customer experience.

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