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Intelligence for marketers

QL2 Software has introduced new services designed to help companies drive faster and better business decisions about product and price mix, competitive positioning and consumer opinions and preferences.

The company reports its new market intelligence services feature a dashboard designed to meet the needs of business decision-makers, customizable pre-defined reporting and data visualization and graphing functions. QL2’s on-demand platform gathers and analyzes both unstructured and structured information and delivers output in common formats to match a client’s needs.

QL2’s on demand platform is comprised of four core business services, which are delivered in real-time over the Internet to meet clients’ specific business needs. QL2's new services include:

PriceTrack--guides competitive pricing and revenue optimization decisions by continuously gathering product pricing and promotional information from a wide variety of public data sources.

ProductMix--helps retailers make faster and more informed merchandising decisions through querying Internet-based information sources (including Web sites, catalogs and product listings) in real time and capturing how retailers categorize, display and present product offerings to consumers.

MarketScape--captures and organizes news, Web site information, regulatory and other market content and serves as a key enabler for marketing and executive decisions regarding branding, product positioning and competitive response.

MarketVoice--collects and organizes user-generated content found on Internet-based blogs and comments, message boards, user forums and product reviews.

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