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Improving supply chain management

Salient has introduced Salient Performance Management for Wholesale Distribution, which, the company says, can provide immediate return on investment by leveraging existing data sources. It further reports the solution gives decision makers real-time information that can help them make better decisions about pricing, logistics, marketing, financial projection, budgeting, delivery and warehousing.

The offering allows companies to gain visibility into margin growth through management of unprofitable products, customers and channels, by analyzing those products, customers and sales areas at any level, from customer-specific to regional, to companywide, explains Salient. It adds that deploying the software makes it possible to increase the revenues from each customer relationship because improved supply chain management results in maximized on-time deliveries, realized deadlines, increased opportunity visibility and proactive pricing strategies. The software, which can also be used by the financial department for forecasting, helps companies protect their inventory investments through more effective asset management tools to reduce carrying costs and improve productivity, says Salient.

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