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Improving process improvement

Integrify has released Plug-In Central for its Integrify 4.0 software. The new plug-ins are extensions of Integrify's workflow engine that allow for in-process, bi-directional integration with external systems.

The plug-ins are available in installed and hosted versions and act as a task in a process, allowing customers to reduce manual data entry when updating systems or pulling information into a process for use in its workflow.

Initial components of Plug-In Central include:

  • Database Push Plug-In--pushes information gathered within a process directly into HR/payroll, data warehouse, or using a relational database (i.e. PeopleSoft, SAP, etc);
  • Excel Plug-In--enables customers to harness the power of Excel on users' desktops while utilizing Integrify to manage the workflow often associated with capital expenditures, expense reports or similar financial functions; and
  • Dynamic Assigner Plug-In--a flexible tool that leverages both SQL and Integrify's ability to assign approvers to another task within the process.

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