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Hummingbird for Windows

Hummingbird has announced an enhanced strategic relationship with Microsoft whereby it will deliver technology integrations with the scalability of Hummingbird Enterprise on the Microsoft platform.The companies report Hummingbird solutions on the Microsoft platform enable customers to:

• implement high value, line-of-business solutions that address critical business processes relating to the management of content;

• reduce the complexities and risks associated with managing content;

• transform the Microsoft Windows-based desktop into a solutions enablement platform without requiring users to leave the familiar user interface; and

• preserve and maximize the value of Microsoft IT investments and reduce the total cost of ownership of these solutions.

The companies further claim Hummingbird Enterprise solutions on the Microsoft platform will enable users to quickly implement critical content life cycle solutions such as contract management, deal management and compliance using the familiar Microsoft environment. In particular, Hummingbird Enterprise Client for Microsoft Outlook allows users to organize, manage and work with mission-critical business content from within Microsoft Office XP and Outlook 2003.

They add that customers will amortize the cost of investments across multiple projects using the same underlying Microsoft and Hummingbird integration, with particular emphasis on:

• access to Hummingbird Enterprise through Outlook, SharePoint Portal Server, Office and Microsoft Internet Explorer;

• native support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005;

• continued commitment to the Microsoft .NET strategy;

• early support of the next release of Microsoft Office products code-named Microsoft Office "12;" and

• continued innovation relating to performance and scalability such as Hummingbird Content Drive, which provides kernel level integration between the Microsoft desktop and the Hummingbird Enterprise repository.

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