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Hippo opens wider

Hippo, a provider of content management and portal software, has introduced Version 7.0 of its enterprise-grade open source software product designed for businesses that have a large quantity of files, documents and Web content that needs to be captured, stored, preserved and delivered internally and externally.

The company says Version 7.0 features a completely new technological core based on Apache Jackrabbit, introducing full JSR 170 compliancy. The GUI technology moved to Apache Wicket, enabling a modern AJAX GUI with drag-drop and auto-save functionality. Version 7.0 is highly extensible, allowing organizations to choose from a wide variety of plug-ins in order to address their precise needs for managing and utilizing their enterprise content. This flexible architecture also allows developers to easily add custom functionality if no suitable plug-in is available.

Key features of the current release include:

  • a faceted repository allowing users to label their content in multiple ways to make it easier to order, find and use;
  • Java content repository (JSR-170) support to access content repositories in a standardized manner;
  • support for JavaServer Pages (JSP), JavaServer Faces (JSF), Cocoon, Portlets and easy template editing to make the software extensible for developers;
  • extensibility through plug-in architecture and configurations to allow users to extend and modify the CMS as their content management needs change;
  • node granularity, making data more manageable; and
  • indexing external repositories, making it easier for content to be pulled from various or incompatible sources and indexed centrally.

More information about CMS 7.0 is available here.

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