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HiSoftware Site Sheriff Version 2.0 for SharePoint

HiSoftware, which was recently acquired by Cryptzone, has released Site Sheriff 2.0. The latest version features new claims-based permissions, identity management based on any user attribute database, geolocation and/or device properties and integration with HiSoftware Security Sheriff for SharePoint to securely view and edit encrypted documents.

Site Sheriff employs dynamic access, deny rules and an agentless secure viewer to allow a wide variety of secure sharing scenarios and keep confidential information in SharePoint without complex permissions, says the company. It further uses business logic—document metadata, user/device/location properties and more—to create powerful rules that allow or deny access to selected content, or limit users to use a secure, clientless viewer.

HiSoftware highlights the following new features of Site Sheriff V. 2.0:

  • automatic claim permissions—offers the ability to create dynamic groups based on a claim stored in local column values, simplifying how administrators define rights to documents for multiple projects;
  • user properties from any company database—administrators now consume user properties from any corporate database or line-of-business source, beyond just Microsoft sources; and
  • device and location properties—access rules can now include values based on the browser, operating system (i.e. iPad, Android, tablet or other mobile device) or country their device is running in to limit access and download capabilities.

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