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Help for sales organizations

The SAVO Group has unveiled the next release of its Sales Enablement platform. By incorporating Web 2.0 technologies, claims SAVO, companies of all sizes can harness the collective knowledge of their entire organization and use that expertise in conversations with customers.

SAVO says its newest release combines the "best of" lessons learned from its customer base with recent technology innovations. By applying, adapting and expanding key features of emerging technologies to uniquely address the top objectives of sales-driven organizations, SAVO believes users can set new standards for adoption, time to value, and ease of deployment. By leveraging key 2.0 concepts, SAVO enables everyone in the organization to:

  • contribute content, insights and feedback, regardless of role;
  • rate the quality, relevance and effectiveness of content through star ratings, comments and usage statistics;
  • promote or "push" the most appropriate content to sellers via targeted subscriptions and smartlists;
  • harvest the best information for specific selling situations and ongoing refinement; and
  • personalize assets to maximize the impact, without compromising the brand.

SAVO says its new release was specifically designed to address the needs of organizations of all sizes--from five to 5,000 sales representatives.

The product is now generally available to customers in the enterprise and mid-market space.

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