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Guiding content

Baynote has introduced Community-Guided eCommerce, an on-demand e-commerce solution designed to deliver product and content recommendations for e-commerce sites.

The company says the offering connects site visitors to appropriate products and services by using the habits of like-minded shoppers to link visitors with an appropriate set of products and services, thereby increasing conversion rates.

Baynote says features of Community-Guided eCommerce include:

  • peer-driven recommendations--automatically identifies segments of shoppers based on consumers’ Web site behavior, and recommends specific products based on what peer-shoppers have considered and purchased;
  • seasonality and fad detection--recognizes shifts in visitor interests that happen immediately or over time, and automatically adjusts which products are recommended to continually optimize conversion rates;
  • product gaps--identifies products that shoppers are looking for but are not currently offered on the Web site;
  • dynamic landing page optimization--recognizes site visitors who come from paid or natural Web search, e-mail campaigns and affiliate sites, and automatically displays visitor-specific recommendations that maximize the conversion potential for all incoming site traffic;
  • implicit folksonomy--uses shoppers’ normal searching, browsing and purchase behavior to automatically tag all products on the site with the same words shoppers use to find them; and
  • built-in A/B measurement--automatically performs visitor split testing, giving e-commerce managers the tools and reports to see precisely how much revenue lift is generated by Baynote.

Baynote says its product recommendations work with any e-commerce storefront, merchandising rules or e-commerce search engine.

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