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Going global with XML

XyEnterprise and Idiom Technologies, an independent supplier of SaaS and on-premise, server-based globalization management systems (GMS), announce that they have formed a technology partnership.

The deal calls for the companies to jointly develop a software extension that lets XyEnterprise customers easily integrate their Contenta XML content management solution with the Idiom WorldServer GMS solution. Customers will be able to combine the solutions into an end-to-end platform for content creation, management, translation and delivery. The software extension will support either SaaS or on-premise editions of Idiom WorldServer.

The companies report that by integrating the Contenta and WorldServer solutions, customers will have full editorial, workflow, translation and publishing capabilities based on reusable content components. It will allow authors, editors and publishers to identify precisely which content components have changed and the impact these changes have across products that share this content. By translating only changed content components, the time and cost associated with localizing content will be dramatically reduced, and the quality, integrity and accuracy of the data will be significantly enhanced, they claim.

The integrated solution will enable:

  • automatic tracking of all language variants for any content components or documents in the Contenta and WorldServer solutions,
  • real-time information and version control on work in process at every step in the workflow, and
  • storage and management of approved data in all languages for multichannel delivery.

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