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Free BI: with an upsell, of course

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In a move designed to generate awareness of both the company and business intelligence in general, Seagate Software is giving its software away. The company is sending out its Seagate Analysis tool and a 50-user license of Seagate Info 7.

With Veritas' recently-completed purchase of Seagate's Network and Storage Management Group and this free software offering, Seagate is focusing its efforts on business intelligence, according to Tony Wind, VP of product management.

Seagate Analysis, a new application for individual users, features ad hoc query, OLAP and reporting tools from Seagate's existing product lineup.

Seagate Info 7 is an enterprise system for accessing, analyzing, reporting and sharing corporate information. Info 7 can work with an unlimited number of users, though the free application only supports 50 users.

Therein lies an upsell opportunity, and an opportunity to add Seagate Crystal Reports product for a "more polished view" as well as tailor customized apps to individual customer needs, according to Wind.

Free downloads or CDs will be sent to select IT and line of business managers. Alternately, users can obtain the free software, which includes technical support and instruction in the form of computer based training modules, from the Website

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