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Extreme CM

Day Software has released Version 1.1 of its Content Repository Extreme (CRX), which enables the storage, management and exchange of content across large-scale enterprises and fully implements Content Repository API for Java Technology JCR (JSR 170).

Day reports CRX provides an open, standards-based infrastructure for integrating business applications with any structured or unstructured content in an enterprise. Major feature enhancements in the new version include:

Virtualization--the ability for CRX to connect to legacy repositories through CRX connectors and allow users to browse and search in a single view.

Integration with Microsoft SQL Server--CRX allows users to store and retrieve the content managed with CRX using MS SQL Server as the persistence layer. This integration enables customers with an MS SQL Server infrastructure to simultaneously leverage the benefits of CRX and their existing MS SQL Server-centric IT standards and procedures.

Integration with Oracle RDBMS--similar benefits as Microsoft SQL Server integration.

Improved support for the development and implementation of CRX adapters and connectors--adapters allow applications to access JCR-compliant repositories, and CRX connectors make legacy repositories JCR compliant.

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