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Expert systems for Mac

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Exsys has launched the Corvid Core expert system development tool for Mac, which is based on the company’s Corvid tool for Windows, but with a Mac-oriented developer interface and a lower price. Exsys says Corvid Core gives non-programmers a simple way to build interactive Web applications that capture decision-making logic and deliver it on the Web to any browser and on iPhones and iPads.

The company adds Web-enabled knowledge automation expert systems capture the problem-solving knowledge of top experts to provide online, interactive advice. Online sessions emulate a conversation with a human expert asking focused questions and producing customized recommendations and advice.

Exsys reports common applications include but are not limited to:

  • regulatory and compliance requirements,
  • diagnosing and repairing equipment and processes,
  • Web self-service customer or technical support,
  • pre-sales advice for prospects,
  • configuration of complex systems,
  • technical or engineering best practices,
  • capturing corporate knowledge before it’s lost,
  • smart questionnaires, and
  • business rules made “smarter.”

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