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Expert System goes big with new Cogito release

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Expert System has unveiled the latest version of its Cogito semantic technology platform, which, the company reports, provides better support management of big data through its text analytics and natural language processing capabilities.

The company emphasizes the following in the new Cogito release:

  • full integration with big data infrastructures, including Hadoop and analytical database systems (ADBMS);
  • real-time disambiguation of entities in text and automatic identification and analysis of associated attributes (Cogito can identify details about entities present in text and store them in a proprietary, W3C-compliant format for more precise recall in search, categorization or database upload);
  • automatic sentiment analysis at the document level for phrases and entities;
  • 20 percent faster analysis of data; and
  • semantic tagging added to the integration with Microsoft SharePoint and FAST, including a standard set of taxonomies for different domains.

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