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Enterprise application management, monitoring from RAVN

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Enterprise search, unstructured big data analytics and knowledge management solution provider RAVN Systems has released Manage 4, a tool that manages an organisation’s applications, especially around search, document management and database-driven systems. The company says Manage 4 exposes hidden problems allowing organizations to be more efficient in managing critical search and other applications.

RAVN makes special note of the following features and capabilities of Manage 4:

  • user interface—a refreshed user interface with unchanged navigation to ensure current users can remain efficient;
  • multizone service support—users can now easily change the zones that services belong to, allowing the grouping of services in a variety of ways depending on the needs of the organization and its service zones;
  • historical data aggregation—key-performance-indicator value history can be maintained for longer, and to minimize data storage and database overhead data is aggregated over time (data resolution is reduced over time as the need for detail diminishes); and
  • alerting—all zone e-mail profiles, as well as the host e-mail profile, are notified of a change with the global default used if no parameters have been set.

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