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EIM: “ERP" for unstructured information from OpenText

OpenText has launched four significant solutions as part of its  enterprise information management (EIM) initiative, which the company refers to as the equivalent of an ERP solution for unstructured information.

The company has announced OpenText InfoFusion, an information access platform designed to discover, analyze and act on unstructured information across the enterprise. OpenText reports InfoFusion provides immediate, unified access to critical content sources. InfoFusion can also migrate content from non-strategic enterprise content management (ECM) systems to reduce support costs and manage the life cycle of content.

OpenText says the new OpenText Archive offering enables comprehensive archiving of enterprise information in a single, scalable repository. Archive is integrated today to virtually all OpenText products including Content Server, Email Management, File System Archiving, SAP Archiving, Application Governance and Archiving for SharePoint, Web Experience Management, Media Management, Tempo Box, Tempo Social, Customer Communication Management, MBPM, Case 360, RightFax and eDOCS. In addition, OpenText Archive provides the ability to integrate any other application via Web Services and published APIs. Deployments of Archive are said to deliver long-term storage savings up to 50 percent, compared to existing customer archiving environments.

OpenText has also introduced SecureiX, its newest cloud services offering designed to let organizations exchange messages and information in a trusted, integrated and collaborative cloud environment. OpenText claims SecureiX is the first of a new generation of Information Exchange solutions that aims to fulfill the vision of exchanging any information in any format on any device. The solution establishes a secure, two-way communication stream unlike any other application on the market. It is as easy to use as e-mail, says OpenText, yet helps provide the security and audit trail that corporations need to satisfy compliance requirements.

Also introduced to the OpenText EIM family are Smart Process Applications designed to accelerate an organization's ability to deliver quick wins from their business process management (BPM) suite investments. The Smart Process Applications integrate OpenText BPM solutions with key OpenText EIM products to better manage process-based operations and enterprise information.

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