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DocuWare introduces Version 4.1b

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The latest version of DocuWare’s document management system, 4.1b allows users to handle and administer all types of scanned and Windows documents. Included in the software is a fully licensed SQL Server 2000, which the company says will facilitate integration with other software programs. Also included is a wizard-guided process to set up new electronic file cabinets.

DocuWare has added new security to complement the individual and field-level functions already in place. The new check-in/check out feature is said to improve security at the cabinet level and allow an administrator to monitor the activities of a particular user with a particular document. Also new is a customizable graphical interface that will permit users to customize their viewer by adding up to three buttons that will launch external software program such as Word or Notes.

For Windows 2000 users, TiffMaker 2000 supports color JPEG images and handles paper format larger than A0. Version 4.1b also includes new search functions, storage options, rubber stamping and supports user names larger than eight characters.

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