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Discover Technologies updates DiscoverPoint

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Discover Technologies has reported the immediate availability of the DiscoverPoint search enhancement tool. The update results from two years of development and testing in live SharePoint environments, the company says, and is designed to provide insight into enterprise content and the employee knowledgebase to deliver value that was previously unavailable.

Discover Technologies' CTO Malcolm Hyson says, "Our experience in implementing knowledge management solutions with SharePoint convinced us that a system will break down if you rely on individuals to manually update their area of expertise and interest. DiscoverPoint solves this issue by automatically understanding the meaning of the content that people author, consume and search for as they perform their day-to-day job responsibilities."

DiscoverPoint, supplemented by technology such as Autonomy's IDOL Server, eliminates the need for users to manually update or maintain separate forms or databases to describe their areas of interest and current assignments. It is said to deliver the following benefits:

speeds the ability to find relevant information and subject matter experts for faster collaboration and information sharing;

proactively discovers and delivers new and critical information, which reduces time spent searching;

facilitates creation of communities of interests based on knowledge workers' areas of expertise and related searches; and

discovers colleagues and data to expedite decisions in real time, regardless of their geographic or organizational characteristics.


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