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Dateline: July 1, 1997

Asanté (San Jose, CA, introduces three new FriendlyNet Fast Ethernet hubs for small businesses and workgroups

Wausau Financial Systems' (Mosinee, WI, ImageRPS chosen to provide image-based remittance processing solutions for Pennsylvania Power & Light Company

Optical Laser (Huntington Beach, CA, agrees to distribute Elms Systems' (Irvine, CA, DVL CD library and duplication system within its product line

CACI's (Arlington, VA, SIMPROCESS selected by Lockheed Martin Federal Systems (Gaithersburg, MD) to provide business process solutions for the Census Bureau's DCS 2000 census data capture project

Oce-Engineering Systems (Chicago, IL, unveils the Oce Repro Desk client/server for electronically managing reprographer's printing activities

Rochester Software Associates' (Rochester, NY, M.I.S. Print software to provide PostScript conversion solutions to market analysis software developer Information Resources, Inc. (Chicago, IL)

JMR (Chatsworth, CA, introduces its RMPC Industrial Rackmount PC enclosure

Micro Design International (Winter Park, FL, unveils the SECD16X SCSI Express CD-ROM drive for Windows NT and NetWare environments

Veicon (Beaverton, OR) releases V-Link Internet terminal for Microsoft Windows NT

Xerox (Rochester, NY, welcomes ten new members to its Open Document Services program, providing product and services analysis for potential Xerox digital offering

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