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Data virtualization

Composite Software says its new offering, Information Server 4.6, provides a range of new functionality that enhances performance, services-oriented architecture (SOA) enablement, access and development process capabilities. The company believes businesses and government agencies can more easily scale their data virtualization initiatives to the enterprise level, thereby multiplying their agility improvement, reduce data complexity and achieve cost-saving benefits.

The company explains that to support enterprise-scale workload and performance demands, Composite Information Server 4.6 empoys a 64-bit native Java Virtual Machine that dramatically improves the performance of large, complex queries. With the increased capacity, more of Composite’s data query and federation functions now run in memory, with fewer hits to disk.

Further enhancing enterprisewide data virtualization deployments, Composite says, Information Server 4.6 adds several new or enhanced data sources and clients to an already long list of technologies supported. Composite adds that Version 4.6 now offers improved collaboration capabilities, including resource externalization and resource locking to enable better resource sharing across projects and tighter design-time controls as new data virtualization services are designed and developed.

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