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Compliance guidance and enforcement

Autonomy has introduced an Aungate solution designed to guide employees to meet behavior policies and enforce compliance.

The Aungate Compliance Guidance and Enforcement Module performs real-time conceptual analyses of enterprise information repositories using Autonomy's IDOL-based Implicit Query technology. Autonomy reports these analyses are executed on any form of information, including e-mail, instant messages, documents and voice--in order to make granular assessments of whether a user is in danger of violating an external regulation or enterprise policy and a behavioral threshold is about to be reached. The new Aungate module then automatically launches processes to guide the employee through correct procedures and, depending on enterprise requirements, dynamically points to relevant training material in real time.

Features include:

  • transparency of content sources;
  • flagging of high-risk content, identification of conflicting behaviors, and guidance and compliance process triggers in real time
  • automatic support of the design of processes that guide and enforce compliance; and
  • automatic audit trail.

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