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Change preparedness

Factiva reports it has significantly enhanced SalesWorks, a comprehensive collection of company, industry and executive news and information designed specifically to help salespeople increase productivity, says the company.

Factiva adds that the improvements have been made to ensure that salespeople are better equipped to take advantage of constant business change, such as management moves, company financials or new ownership. Additionally, Factiva claims, they can identify opportunities and better understand their clients and prospects, leading to improved relationships and increased revenue.

Enhancements include:

  • New prospecting capabilities help identify companies associated with a specific change or news topic to build targeted prospecting lists.
  • Improved visualization capabilities combine Factiva Discovery Technologies, a suite of capabilities that uses text-mining technologies, charts and graphs, and Factiva's taxonomy to provide a comprehensive view of news highlights and trends related to a company or industry.
  • Executive and technology content provided by Harte-Hanks enables users to expand networking to executives responsible for IT decisions and to uncover new opportunities.
  • Market research profiles of more than 2,500 market sectors globally, including sector overview, market value, market share, competitive landscape and market forecasts.
  • Improved reporting capabilities allow users to select a pre-built report template or customize their own report to view in PDF format.
  • Additional delivery capabilities enable the delivery of SalesWorks information via Blackberry devices and RSS feeds.
  • Integration enhancements allow users to deploy SalesWorks into everyday enterprise applications.

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