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Business analytics from PTI

PTI  has introduced Release 2 of its Powerhouse Professional Edition business analytics software. PTI says the latest version delivers greater automation along with new levels of speed, reliability and accuracy.

Added features streamline the predictive and explanatory modeling process so actionable findings can be presented quickly to business managers, says PTI. Enhancements include:

Projects Explorer--makes project components explicit to users so the various elements of a project can be clearly tracked, even as a project changes.

Connections Explorer--allows users to establish static, persistent connections to data sources.

Model Performance Window--permits analysts to quickly see and compare model performance among any number of predictive models, as well as training and testing datasets.

Model Performance Measurement—presents easy-to-understand analytics of accuracy and reliability.

Model Deployment--allows users to apply Powerhouse models to other datasets via drag-and-drop.

Explanatory Reporting--enables automatically generated PowerPoint source slides containing details of a project.

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